Xmas Readings

Christmas Online Readings


Please scroll down to select the layout for your reading . 

Below each set of cards you will see icons to allow you to shuffle and turn the cards, or you can click on a card to turn just one.

You are, of course, welcome to screenshot the reading for your personal records. Please credit The Maverick Sage if the images of readings are shared. Images are not to be copied, altered, reproduced, or used commercially in any way. 

Enjoy playing!

Bonus Xmas Zener Card Game

Simply guess the card, then turn it to see what you got right!

Here are all the possible cards.

Three Card

Four Card

Simple Cross

Nine Card

Christmas Cross

  1. You: most embodies you right now
  2. Cross: the situation, issue or concern
  3. Below: base motivation, drivers
  4. Behind: the past, what pushes you forward
  5. Above: ideals, higher guidance
  6. Ahead: The near future
  7. Inner: inner perception or influences
  8. Outer: how others see you, external influences
  9. Hopes & Fears: two sides of the same coin
  10. Path: where you are currently heading
  11. Overview: a summary card for the whole spread
  12. Advice: what to do to bring the best to you
  13. Best You: the most helpful archetype to embody

Card List

All the images are very well known, let the meaning reflect what the image inspires in you:

1. List
2. "Merry & Bright"
3. Bauble
4. Santa
5. Snowflake
6. Tree
7. Stars
8. Candle
9. Fireplace
10. Parcel
11. "Ho Ho Ho"
12. Snow Globe
13. Candy Cane
14. Midnight Clock
15. "Peace On Earth"
16. Stocking
17. Mitten
18. House
19. 25th Calendar
20. Hat
21. Envelope
22. Gingerbread
23. "Jingle All The Way"
24. Champagne
25. Decorations
26. "Bah Hum Bug"
27. Bow
28: Snowman
29. Shopping Bag
30. Sleigh
31. Reindeer
32. Angel
33. Bell
34. Sack
35. Wreath
36. "Believe In The Magic Of Christmas"