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Home is the truth of who we are. And messages from home are the deeper whispers of our soul. 

Read whatever you are drawn to, it will be what you most need to hear right now.


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The Kinship 23rd November 2020

We love you.

The world is changing. Why? Because you, as a people, are changing. We need you, now more than ever. We need you to hold true to the whisper of your soul.

Do you see how all your efforts to go back to what you thought you knew are not working? Does the fight make you happy? There are some joyous warriors, let them do the work they are here to do.

If it is not your joy, then listen to us. We know you are hurting, and we feel for you. Take time to grieve, but stop trying to hold onto what is gone. Or rather, what seems to be gone. We promise, what comes, when it comes, will make sense of so much for you. And it is coming soon. Indeed, it is already here, but you will not yet see clearly. Even what the bravest of you see now is just a weak reflection.

If you look at your world, and you do not feel love for all peoples, this is your calling to heal. Heal whatever way calls to you, but heal. Find love for yourself. Deep, whole, unconditional love.

Each of you is forging your own path, the only way you can help anyone is to be everything you wish for those you love. Be peace, be love, be freedom. Be fully you and let the world see you shine. The gifts you have are the light that shines for everyone. Don’t hold back. Step into your joy now. In all the brokenness, step into the light.

We love you.

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Why I Write Messages from Home

Sometimes it helps to listen to ourselves from a higher perspective.

By describing sources for the messages, I get clear on the tone, style and content of each.

The Kinship are our own parallel star selves, come to offer love, support and guidance.

Deborah is a prophetess, offering words of preparation.

There will be others, and I shall add to this list.

The messages are for the collective, for those that hear. If a message resonates, it’s right for where you are at. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t meant for you.

With Love, Sara

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