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“The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night.”

Flights of Fancy
Messages from Home

Flights of Fancy

Stories of imagination. Mini sagas, to open your mind to new possibilities.

When I write, I love to let the story tell itself, and for each reader to find their own message, their own gem. The story can change. The story can shift. The story can break the bounds of the fairy tale. The story can become the expression of freedom, of love. Maybe you’re ready to step out of your typecasting and upgrade the story? 

Messages from Home

Home is the truth of who we are. And messages from home are the deeper whispers of our soul. 

Read whatever you are drawn to, it will be what you most need to hear right now.


GIVING VOICE: Bringing the hidden to light.

TAKING VOICE: Making explicit what goes unsaid, beneath words spoken too often.

FINDING VOICE: Speaking up, moving towards to light.

Factual or fantastical, personal or universal, secret or open. Any resemblance to any living person exists only in your mind.

Featured Excerpt


Once upon a time there was a man. Everywhere he looked, he saw people like naked emperors. Convinced they were clothed in the finest materials, yet wearing not a stitch. This surprised him, as his own robes were of particularly high quality. Yet when he pointed out their nakedness, the people became angry, or, worse, laughed at him.

Then, he decided to take a mirror to the people, so their nakedness could be seen once and for all. no argument. But, when he glanced in the mirror, he was shocked to see not the robes of his imagination, but himself, just another naked man.

And more. He saw that every one of the naked emperors was a reflection of this one image. Everywhere he turned the mirror, he saw only himself. Naked and humbled.

But more. Much more. Looking down, he saw he wasn’t there. The image in the mirror did not reflect anything. It was created within the mirror. Everything he’d thought was a reflection of life, existing only in the mirror.

With that, the man who wasn’t there climbed into the mirror. From within, he truly saw. And loved it all.

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