Why do I spend so much time talking about who we are? Isn’t it a bit self-obsessed? 

Why do my articles make so few concessions to what’s going on in the world? Wouldn’t I be better off teaching people how to ignore, change, or rise above their thinking? 

Why don’t I address people’s problems, challenges and goals?

Here’s why:

The human mind is always going to experience thinking, problems, challenges and goals. For a very good reason – the human mind is the experience of that thinking, those problems, challenges and goals. The mind doesn’t exist as an object, it’s an activity. It’s an activity, always heading somewhere, always looking for things to be a certain way. 

Which means anything I say to make the the mind feel better, actually becomes a perpetuation of the feeling of needing things to be different to how they are. Like a hamster in its wheel, endlessly chasing. 

You are not your mind. In the gaps between thoughts, it is not there. Yet ‘you’ persists. When I point to self inquiry, the inquiry is not into the mind, but into the true, the only, self. It’s an invitation to realise who you are not, and to recognise who you are. 

The mind is the search for happiness, your nature is happiness. 

The mind is the search for freedom, your nature is freedom. 

The mind is the search for love, your nature is love. 

Why would I point you to your mind, and not your nature?

With Love,

Compass in a hand

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