Why Work With A Teacher?

If I’m pure Awareness, knowing only Love, then surely I’m already sorted? So, why work with a teacher?

Of course, the simplest answer is there is no reason. No imperative. No compulsion. No choice. It’s just what happens.

But, that’s also a dismissive answer. I work with a teacher because, actually, I don’t always feel love, peace and freedom. I work with a teacher who reminds me of who I am. Who points me to be a clearer expression of who I am, who we are. I work with a teacher, because I see how they have changed, and I, too, am open to change. I work with a teacher because nothing else makes more sense.

But in the end, there is no teacher and no student—just a shared exploration. An exploration that brings us home.

Perhaps, for you, ‘working with a teacher’ is a walk in nature. Perhaps, it’s dancing. Binge-watching television sitcoms. Caring for a dying relative. Time in silence. Or perhaps you, too, feel the call to explore. And there is no better way than with a fellow explorer. One committed to the exploration.

Why work with a teacher? Why not?

With Love,

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