It’s the question I get asked most often: “Why are you doing this?” “Why aren’t you doing that?”

Sometimes it comes with genuine interest, sometimes it’s put rudely.

My answers are always pretty much the same: “Because this resonates.” “Because that doesn’t resonate.”

Of course, often the question comes with hashtag style subtext “…if you REALLY knew it’s all Awareness, you’d…”.

So, here’s a little reminder:

First there is a realisation or insight that it’s all One. However you want to phrase it. Might be a single big bang, or a series of micro pops.

Second there’s a brief time of properly investigating the nature and implications of that realisation, in introspection, logic and experience.

And then comes the beginning of living knowingly as Awareness. It’s the very start of the exploration, in many ways.

Why do I adopt stray feral kittens, drink coffee, explore life beyond the limited western human-centric model, wear a onesie all day, and watch so many Christmas movies I could probably write one? Because they resonate with this modulation of Awareness.

Why don’t I do all the thing I don’t do, too numerous to mention? Because, here and now, they don’t resonate.

What I want for me, for you, and for everyone, is an experience of Awareness that is so real in your life that you know yourself as joy, peace, love, compassion, freedom and abundance. Because, chances are, if you know yourself as joy, you’ll light up the world – and who on earth wouldn’t want that?

With Love,

PS. He’s called Macavity.

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