Which Side Are You On?

I don’t mean wild camping or five star hotel. I don’t mean vegan or carnivore. I don’t mean masks or no masks. I don’t mean political party. I don’t even mean football team.

And the reason I don’t mean any of them? Because they are all exactly the same.

What do I mean?

I mean something fundamental, foundational, and very, very functional.

Which side are you on?

Are you living HERE, where unconditional love, agape, matters more than who said what to whom?

Are you living NOW, where love might indeed take sword and shield, then beat them into ploughshares and till a new earth?

In other words, are you living lucidly?

We are Awareness, living as though other. Which means we have the freedom to live as though that otherness is the truth of who we are; or the freedom to live lucidly, in the knowing of our being.

Otherness demands villains and victims, to justify the hero. Lucidity lives as love, freedom and joy.

Might we still take the same action? Entirely possible. But as peace, not to acquire peace. As freedom, not to free ourselves from limitation.

Life presents a choice. Life is a choice. Otherness or lucidity? Darkness or light? Make no mistake, there may be no chooser, but there is a choice.

A few years ago, I chose darkness, for a while. That might sound grandiose. What it means is I used to take my upsets to people I knew would turn them into fully fledged dramas. And the drama required villains and victims. One day, it stopped making sense to step into the victim role, simply to allow the dramatist play the hero. Instead I found friends who acknowledged the feeling, let me cry, then gave me the necessary kick up the bum to halt the drama.

This works at every level. If you are looking at your partner and blaming them for the state of the relationship, you chose the dark. Because if something about them is too bad to stay, and you stay, you are perpetuating the bad relationship (Of course, in abusive relationships, you might well have lost this discernment, and will rely on supporters to shine a light on the toxicity.) If the relationship has simply run its course, and you stay, you are stagnating both of you. If your behaviours are what makes the relationship bad, then blaming your partner is a great avoidance technique, but a terrible way to improve things.

Globally, if you are looking out and seeing a darkness to be battled, that darkness is yourself. And the battle puts you at war with yourself.

If you are looking within and seeing the light, that light will shine in your world, and action will flow from the light.

There is a cost to choosing the light. I don’t deny that. But that is the price of embodying the freedom you are. And, very quickly, the thing that looked too good to lose won’t even make sense any more.

I choose the light.

Which side are you on?

With Love,

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