When bad things happen, love calls us. But often the call of love is distorted by desire to assuage our own suffering. Then, we’re going to go looking for demons and angels, those to praise and those to blame, for revenge, for relief. For where the buck should stop.

“There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behoves any of us to find fault with the rest of us.”
–attributed to Edward Wallis Hoch, among others

My childhood neighbour had this quote in a sampler over her day bed, where she spent a great deal of time due to illness. I’d see it every time I was sent in to deliver food shopping.

Why do I bring it up now?

Because it’s a quaint motto, with a message that reflects a glimpse of a constant, which, if fully seen, would shake society as we know it.

What is the message of that motto?

That in demonising and deifying, I miss the point. That in vilifying or canonizing, I miss the point. That in dividing, whether to protect, promote or attack, I miss the point. That in making the assumption that some deserve personal blame and some deserve personal praise, I miss the point. That in defending my opinions as though they are truth, I miss the point.

And what is the constant?

One Awareness, appearing as though many. One Awareness, appearing as though many living, thinking, sensing humans. No person doing the best they can, no other doing the worst. No person ruled to be outside by dint of their behaviour. No person ruled more valuable than another through actions or hardship.

What is the implication of the constant?

The “I” that is me, is the “I” that is you, is every single “I”, “Je”, “Ich”, “Jag”… One Awareness, one Being. And wherever it seems each “I” is, we are HERE. And whatever time zone you are in, whatever the hands on the clock point to, it is NOW. And “I” am the knowing of it all.

Here and now is where the bad things happen. Murder, rape, abuse. Here and now is where the good things happen. Kindness, calm, fun. Here and now is where the knowing of it all resides. Here and now is where love calls. Love calls me, to stand here and now as the love that I am. Love calls me to bear my pain. To sit with it in silence and stillness. And to remain knowingly myself, even as I engage fully in the good and bad of the world.

Am I going to tell you what those engagements are?

Why not?

Because, as President Truman knew only too well, here is where the buck stops. And I’m not passing.

With Love,

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