Where Did it All Go Wrong?

Where did it all go wrong? You’re rolling along nicely, then the wheels come right off the bus. An illness, a redundancy, a business collapse, a bereavement, the end of a relationship, a crisis.

Suddenly, you find you are exactly where you don’t want to be, and it doesn’t feel good. You’ve tried every tool in the box, and nothing is working. The relief those things brought in the past is missing.

For possibly the first time in your life, you are forced to face up to stuff you’d really rather not. The inclination to escape may feel overwhelming. But, running away, drinking to oblivion, burying yourself in work, a mountain of chocolate, wild parties, hiding under the covers, taking it out on those closest to you … none of it touches the sides.

Here’s the crunch point. Do you delve into where it all went wrong, look for reasons behind this experience, apportion blame? Or do you begin to investigate the simple fact of the knowing of experience?

In other words, you’ve reached the only true decision. Does ego entrench your suffering? Or do you act from Love, as Love, for Love?

To be totally clear, acting from Love does not make you a doormat, does not mean you need to accept the unacceptable. Acting from Love is simply your highest calling. The deepest echo of the heart. The strongest expression of true nature.

So, when it feels like it’s all gone wrong, and there’s nothing left but to rake through the ashes – maybe there’s something in these questions that will give you a new direction, a new exploration.

With Love,

Hands hiding face

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