When You Can’t Do Anything Else

There are times when it all seems too much. When you’re pretty sure that you can’t cope, can’t go on, need a break. When you can’t do anything else.

In these times it’s easy to look to everyone and everything. First for a cause. Then for a cure.

Cause: You might blame someone else, circumstances, yourself. Though, taking on responsibility is no more or less honourable than blaming. Indignation, righteous or otherwise is just indignation.

Cure: You might hope the next training, teacher, video, book, drink, cake . . . will be the thing that makes it better.

Thing is, ‘better’ is now. ‘Best’ is right now.


Right in the middle of the crisis, drama, mess.



And the only thing between you and the knowing of this is the belief in a cause and a cure.

More, the only thing between you and the knowing of this is the belief you are separate from it.

So. What do you do when you want to feel better? When you simply can’t do anything else?

Do whatever occurs. But, if there’s any choice, be Love.

That doesn’t mean sweet. That doesn’t mean kind. That doesn’t mean mindful, thoughtful or giving.

It means stand as the cleanest possible expression of Love without condition.

And my only job is to stand with you.

With Love,

Emergency pull

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