What’s the Point of Life?

I still have a secret preference for “there is no point”. Which holds true at an ultimate level – the level at which there is no person to ask the question, no time, no change, no nothing. 

So, it’s not actually that helpful.

A lot of management training simplifies people to an x-axis and a y-axis, crossing in the middle to create quadrants. A friend once summarised the x-axis as “intelligence and the y-axis as “niceness” – and concluded it’s the clever bastards you need to watch out for. 

I was wondering if this point is a matrix, but that’s too complicated. Instead, I can summarise all my research as three points. Make a triangle if you like.

1. Happiness. Or, if you are an American cousin, the pursuit of happiness. This is the exploration of awakening – recognising our own essential nature whilst in the midst of life. The ultimate escape room challenge. Not required by any stretch. But a marvellous opportunity.

2. Experience. For the living of it. Because there is nothing that shows us what it is to be human as much as ‘being’ one. 

3. Learning. This is an extrapolation of #2. The point of experience is not in judging “did I do good?”, but “what did I learn?” This isn’t even about growth, though that is likely with real learning. Just learning. 

As we explore, we experience. As we experience, we learn. As we learn, we get happier. 

As we get happier, experience shifts. As perception moves, we learn. The more we learn, the more inclined we are to explore. 

And that feels like it might be worth the price of admission.

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