What does Awareness know? Only Awareness. Because that’s all there is.

You’re Awareness, so obviously you know only Awareness.

The End.


Oh, wait.

Are you left wondering why you still see a world of communities, people, jobs, relationships, things that need fixing, things that could be a lot better, and the washing up?

Maybe you just reflect that you are seeing separation and use a phrase similar to, “It’s all Awareness,” to cover it?

Now, you are right, at an intellectual level. If you, Awareness is seeing Awareness as anything other than Awareness, then that can’t be true. And if separate is the opposite of true, then you could say you’re seeing separation.

But, have all those things disappeared? Is the angry goodbye from an ex-employee just God shining God at God? Is the cold shoulder from the person who broke your heart just God shining God at God? Is the environment, this virus, your diet, money, that physical symptom all nothing other than God shining God at God?

If it is so for you, congratulations. Because you already know causeless joy, unconditional love and unfettered freedom as your daily experience (apart from you might not know days, of course). You’re home, you’re free and you are a beacon shining love, joy and freedom at the world (that you know is your own Self). Stop reading and come round for coffee, please, I want to spend time with people like you.

For the rest of us on the nondual path: we know we’re Awareness. We understand the implications of that. And we see life. In the knowing that this too is Awareness. So we live it. We get bumped and bruised along the way.

Wait again. How does Awareness get bumped and bruised?

Because, this void of infinite potentiality that is your essence can express itself this way. Awareness has the perfect freedom to know Awareness as though a person knowing a world. The freedom to know the feeling of cold air on a face, the sound of crunching autumn leaves, the smell of bonfires, the taste of toffee and the sight of fireworks.

To know a world and everything in it is Awareness knowing Awareness.

Back to those bumps and bruises. Think of all the micro upsets in a day. The door innocently shut in your face. The person who knocked into you running for a train. The empty juice carton in the fridge when you wanted a drink. The emotive meme on social media. All of these (metaphorically) taking you away from joy, love and freedom.

If you aren’t feeling free, you aren’t aligned with freedom. Because it looks like something is missing before freedom can be realised.

If you aren’t aligned with freedom, you aren’t aligned with Awareness. Because the knowing of Awareness is freedom.

If you aren’t aligned with Awareness, you are doing battle with yourself. Because you are Awareness.

Back to those bumps and bruises. If you feel a little bit out of sorts with the world, you are out of alignment.

How do you come back into alignment?

(Okay, pedantically, what does this dreamt character do in the dream, to know itself as the dreamer?)

You come back in whatever way makes sense to you at the time. A hug, a cup of coffee, a walk, watching trash TV. My only proviso is it’s best not to use something that disassociates you from the world. That’s a trauma response.

One thing I use is ho’oponopono.
I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.
I love you: unconditional love matters more to me than my agenda.
I’m sorry: I know I’m battling my own Self.
Please forgive me: I want to be at peace with my Self.
Thank you: I know myself as my Self.
I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

Ho’oponopono is a return to zero, to infinite void, to Self, to Awareness.

To know a world and everything in it is Awareness knowing Awareness.
What does Awareness know?
Only Awareness.
And that is everything.

With Love,

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