Get Unstuck!

Break free from mental churning, say goodbye to stagnation and reclaim bravehearted decision making in an empowering 6-week journey.

Who is this for?

I have built this powerful programme for coaches, mentors, teachers and helpers of all kinds who are determined to make a meaningful difference for themselves and others. They are already doing great things, but they know there’s more, just the other side. Maybe you too are facing some of these challenges:

Feeling STUCK

You’re haunted by an issue that’s consuming your mental energy and keeping you trapped in a state of frustration. It means you are unable to fully focus on what truly matters to you.


You’re suffering a constant loop of self-blame, avoidance and distraction, impeding your normal ability to address the root causes and find effective solutions.


You’re caught in a cycle of indecision and overthinking, without ever getting closer to resolving your dilemma. This is preventing you from moving forward with clarity.

Pattern of INACTION

You’re grappling with uncharacteristic procrastination and emotional self-sabotage. So you’re unable to make aligned, brave decisions to find contentment in this part of your life.  

And you just want to feel FREE...

What to Expect

You bring clarity, guidance through questions, and recommendations for changing things for the better. You are super insightful, I trust your perspective, and you allow me to be me. You’ve helped me to not be in such a rush. I’ve felt reassured, and empowered to continue exploring learning and growing - and also felt encouraged to share what I’ve learnt with others. You’ve challenged me to stay open to new perspectives and possibilities, and stretched me beyond my old understanding. I’ve got a new perspective on what healing is. What the true role of a healer, guide, coach teacher is. When I’m getting caught out by my shadow side that wants to be some super coach personality rather than an authentically superb coach which is what I really want.
Shaun Browne
Speaker & Coach
After investigating time & money into a few coaches over the last few years I stumbled across Sara. She was in a group I'd joined among others,  I've now unfollowed those groups. This group just felt different.  Sara felt different, I'd read her words on certain posts & comments and just felt she brought something different, something I'd probably been looking for all along but not really been aware of.  I contacted her and I've never really looked back since . The confusion began dropping away - and still as we remain to work together. Even at present my life just seems to be making much more sense than it has done for years. I'm so grateful I met Sara, I feel she is the end of all my search and now I can really begin to live my life how it should be. How it always should have been.
Sue Kilcoyne
Crafter & Forager

How the programme works

Pillar One: Reflection

Embark on a journey of illumination. With my support, you’ll look back at your experiences and choices from the balanced perspective of a compassionate observer. As you gently untangle the layers of your story, you’ll be guided towards a deeper understanding of your past and – most importantly – yourself.

Pillar Two: Alignment

Bring your values, priorities and actions into perfect, dynamic harmony. Through a process of radical self-honesty, you’ll reveal and address the habits and beliefs that no longer serve you. As you deepen into who you are and what you truly want, you’ll find a renewed sense of authentic direction and purpose.

Pillar Three: Metamorphosis

Arrive at a point where you feel empowered to implement the profound knowledge gained through reflection and alignment. With new insight and self-awareness, you’ll create a purposeful plan for navigating your future. Your inner transformation offers a stable foundation for living and choosing: bravely, wisely and well.

See what some of our clients are saying

"You've helped me more than you can ever know! Helped me see inside as awareness and pretty much be OK with most things. I would say the most important message you have ever imparted would be "Just be yourself!" I love you so much!"

"A few days ago I decided to go back and work through your Getting Unstuck course, a second time, since it was SO HELPFUL last time. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of your course and help: it’s been the most effective thing of all that I have tried."

"You’ve given me courage. Just recently our session had such an incredible effect, I felt lighter and more positive about moving forward, releasing all the negativity from my past  without feeling guilty. I feel heard, and feel safe to express myself without feeling like I’m just having a pity party."

"I often question people's sincerity and authenticity, but I trust and respect you. You gave me so much confidence in what you have said and done. You are amazing Sara, I have been blessed to have met you."