What we seek, whatever we seek, it’s a response to that ache for happiness. Not simply pleasure, though we might divert ourselves with that. Happiness. Another word for Awareness. Presence. Self.

A cloud is always a cloud, regardless of age, colour, shape or size. How could you be anything other than yourself?

No one needs to teach you to be happy. It’s just as some point you learnt how to feel unhappy.

The moment you learnt to feel unhappy, you imagined a separate self to be unhappy. And, of course, you started to try and help that non-existent self feel happy.

When you realise the world is never going to deliver lasting happiness, there is the opportunity to consider you are not that imagined self, to turn to Presence.

Unshackled from the imagined self, the simple knowing of who you’ve always been comes to the fore. Reflect: “Who am I?” “What is my nature?”

What happens, when instead of chasing happiness, you show up as the expression of freedom, love and happiness?

Your gift to the world is to know your own Being. Let everything else follow as it will.

You are here, now. You are THIS. All of it.

You’re not getting it wrong. You’ve not forgotten. There are just some habits on behalf of the imagined separate self. Not a problem. Keep exploring.

I am a long way from home.
I am going home.
I am coming home.
I am at home.
I am home.
I am.

When ego crashes into the flames, the knowing of our own Being becomes the most perfectly ordinary thing.

Be ordinary. It’s awesome.

With Love,

These stepping stones, each illustrated with a photo of clouds, are available as a little book of reminders – called “The Wisdom of Clouds”. As a bonus, there is also a set of poems that were published in Quintessence, but now accompanied by the photo taken as each was written, so that you can see what I saw.

The book can be viewed and bought here:

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