I’ve been sacked by one of my best clients… for the excellent reason that he doesn’t have the issues he had when he first came to talk to me.

I’ve been talking with this client for about two months. Maybe six chats in total. During our last conversation, I sat in humble wonder as he explained the Principles to me. He described how he had got stuck in thinking that being an adult meant being sad and confused. Now he feels he has come home to who he really is, who he really was all along: “happier, calmer, I laugh more”.

I’m okay to admit my very first, fleeting thought was a sad “he doesn’t need me any more” – but of course he never needed me, I was simply a signpost pointing him back to himself. I laughed at myself and I was flooded with gratitude for what he was sharing, so beautifully, in his own unique voice.

It’s been an absolute privilege for me to accompany this young man on his journey of self discovery.

Here’s what he has to say:

“I was going through a tough time of my life and I came to the three Principles and Sara. It’s been two months since I’ve first talked with Sara and we are both surprised how much I have changed because of the three Principles under Sara’s facilitation. I was able to go from a dark place of constant anxiety and fear to a place where I feel the peace and joy (which is always there, by the way).

A huge part of this shift is because of Sara’s confidence and determination that I can go back to that place. Being well versed in the Principles’ understanding and her rich experience also helped me a lot in this journey. I recommend Sara because she is a genuine facilitator who truly cares about you and your process.”

If you’re feeling similarly stuck, let me know and I’ll see if I can support you.

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