There’s not two.

It seems too simple.

It’s not a psychology. There is nothing here to change mindset, feelings or behaviour. (There is nothing wrong with psychology. That can be very helpful, at a human level.)

It’s not a religion. There are no ceremonies or rites of passage. There are teachers, but they do not need to wear robes or talk in special vicar voices. (Religion isn’t a problem, when it isn’t promoting fear and separation.)

It’s not something to learn. There are a gazillion videos and books, but no curriculum, no syllabus, no exam. (Intelligence is cool, and education can be incredibly useful, in the world. I might be biased, I’ve spent years collecting certificates, in many subjects – including psychology and religion, as it happens.)

It’s not just another new spirituality. There are multiple ancient roots to the modern non-dual understanding, from different traditions. All that has changed is the internet has brought access to these from our phones.

Most importantly, this isn’t a secret, exclusive or elitist. Not something you need to spend months in stuffy lecture theatres at great cost to acquire. Not something for the chosen few. Not something you can only hear at your guru’s deathbed. My cats don’t need anyone to explain it to them, they never believed otherwise.

Not two.
Nothing separate.
Not I separate from you.
Not you separate from God.

Nothing lacking – we call that abundance.
No limitations – we call that freedom.
No disturbance – we call that peace.
No division – we call that love.

Every single person, object and event… a transitory image within a singular Consciousness. Does that mean there is no point to anything, and we retreat to a high tower to count beans (one… one… one…)? Nope. Does it mean we should run like hell, and declare our separate being status from the mountain tops? Nope. Definitely not.

What changes when the belief in separation is wiped away? Just this: there is no longer the need to protect and promote a being that never existed. Without that distraction . . . well, actually, anything I add is just an idea.

With Love,

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