What is freedom?

It’s tempting to assume freedom is the ability to travel alone to remote locations. Or to live where you want, and love who you choose. To run where you please. To eat dessert for breakfast. To have your opinions heard, or to speak your truth without restriction.

Yet it is none of them.

Freedom is the essence of awareness. It doesn’t take much self enquiry to realise the unlimited, unbounded, undivided and undisturbed nature of awareness.

And, freedom is the essence of you and of me. Again, it doesn’t take much self enquiry to recognise that awareness is the core of all experience, that awareness is the only ‘thing’ we are never knowingly without, thus that “Awareness” is another way to say “I am”.

What about if we don’t currently live in an experience of freedom?

Simply put, that is living as though we are something we are not. Living as though the essence of who we are is a separate, narrative self.

There might well be constraints to challenge, opinions to counter, people to correct. But, always and only, AS freedom, not to acquire freedom. For how can we acquire what we already are?

Which means our first action is to break down whatever misunderstanding of Self (or no-self, if you are so inclined) that is currently holding freedom as a concept of duality. And return to freedom as our lived experience.

Then, we go play out whatever plays out. Whether it’s dancing, building, fighting, eating, dreaming, or loving.

No action is a greater or lesser expression of freedom. Because YOU are freedom, and you are all of it.

They’ll never take my freedom, because I AM freedom.

With Love,

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