There is a Time for Silence

We’ve all faced moments when nothing helps. No old strategies you can rely on. No distraction technique. No happy place to visit. No bright side to look at. No kind words to be heard. Nothing left to say. Nowhere left to run.

This is the time that silence calls.

Silence calls us to put away distractions, whether they be busying ourselves with activity, caring for others, reading self-improvement books, drinking, complaining, or watching spiritual videos.

Silence calls us to stop. To face the one thing we’ve been hoping to avoid, change, destroy, manage, improve—how we feel.

Silence calls us to follow the feeling. Not outward into the world, but inward to its source. To the centre of the feeling. To the eye of the storm. And to discover there, not a broken being . . . but a full and vibrant knowing.

Silence calls us to itself. To the simplest knowing of our own being. No fanfares, no fireworks, no drama. The most ordinary recognition of our Self. In this silence, the need for answers dissolves back into the knowing it always was.

When all other paths have been exhausted, silence calls us home. Silence speaks louder than any noise. And silence shows itself as our own heart. As peace, love and freedom.

With Love,

peaceful dawn scene

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