“If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.” – Rene Descartes

Finders are those who have an innate sense of wellbeing, usually within a nondual paradigm. But this wellbeing does not make a finder immune to manipulation, they are equally as easy as anyone to prime with misinformation and contradictions during experiments.

Yet there’s a tendency amongst finders to see themselves as having a higher level of access to truth. Especially if they retreat into a cave, a religious institution, or a clique that rejects dissenters. (And this does not just apply to finders.)

The story of owning truth shows up as the story that we know how reality works, the story that we know who are the good guys and the baddies, the story that one opinion is ultimately more true than another.

The story of owning truth perpetuates a myth which fosters anxiety, insecurity and disassociation.

All of which raised a question for me: What’s the point, if this understanding doesn’t give my opinions greater validity?

The point of a nondual understanding is to have as a foundation that which is incontrovertible – in other words, as close as we can get to truth, from a human perspective. The only thing we have to rely on is that we are aware. Everything downstream is extrapolation. Everything upstream is speculation.

From that one reliable point, we find a peace that passes all understanding.

And, for sure, someone who has a sense of peace or wellbeing tends to make better decisions for themselves than someone who is anxious or agitated. That’s the premise behind the scams that see otherwise clever people transferring large amounts of money to temporary bank accounts. So, logically, a deep-rooted sense of unconditional peace that is not easily shaken will offer us more clarity in emotionally charged situations or in making big decisions.

But, it does not mean we know more of the truth in the world.

For a very good reason: There is no discernable truth in the world. The nearest we have to truth is that the world is known by awareness. That means everything we know IN the world is an extrapolation.

Here is the closest to truth as we know it: Everything we experience, everything we know, appears within an apparently limitless awareness.

Here is the freedom to follow our own expression of peace, compassion and joy, without needing to be right.

Here and now, all we know is awareness.

With Love,

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