The truest friend is the one who holds you to the discomfort when every ounce of you wants to run.

The truest friend knows that it’s time to stop running.

The truest friend points inward. To explore the essence of the feeling—what is it made of? And the nature of the one who feels—who are you?

The truest friend stays with you. Recognising that every impulse to mend your suffering is their own suffering, seeking relief.

The truest friend feels the hurt and holds it. As gently as a you’d hold a newborn baby.

The truest friend does not put themself above you, humbled as they are by their own hopes and fears.

The truest friend carries beliefs lightly and never presents them to you as truth.

The truest friend says the words that no one else dares. The words you least want to hear. The words that cut them to the heart to voice.

The truest friend reminds you that you are Freedom, but that the one who yearns for Freedom can never be free.

The truest friend is willing to risk the whole friendship for the exploration towards truth.

With Love,

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