The full Celtic singing moon has risen and set. A turning of the seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere the nights are drawing in.

It’s time to take stock. A wonderful opportunity to shed that which no longer serves. To invest in that which lifts us up.

Sure, you could just bicker with you partner about whether it’s too early to put the heating on, and potentially consider wearing what are now known as “hard trousers” for the first time in five months.

Or, like me, you could be considering questions like these. And yes, these questions are at a relative level:

  • Am I merely getting through life, or am I fully living life as it appears?
  • Would five (nine, thirteen, seventeen) year old me be glad how they turned out?
  • What shines in me, what of the nature of Awareness is apparent in how I show up?
  • What of how I show up is not in alignment with who I know myself to be?
  • What could now be left behind, cleaned, recycled, upcycled or gifted:
  • Environmentally?
    Like sweeping under the sofa, donating unused items, kondo-ing my underwear drawer, or moving to eco cleaning products.
  • Physically?
    Such as improving my diet, exercising – even if it’s my basic-level back rehab and a bit of walking, learning to cut my own hair – thanks, Jeff!
  • Mentally?
    At a relative level, look at it like a set of 12 teaspoons, and allocate tea-spoons to what I think about during the day, then see where the majority sit. Is it what “other people” are doing wrong/need to do differently? Is it how “I” need to be different? Could more of them be given to reflecting the love, peace, joy, freedom and abundance that already is?
  • Emotionally?
    Clever people told me “stay with the feeling”, but I guess as it was obvious to them, they didn’t explain something important. This one took me a while to work out, so I share it here in the hopes it helps anyone who is metaphorically hitting themselves over the head with a hammer repeatedly, to cure a headache: What I am “staying with” is not insecurity, suffering, anxiety, distress, despair, denial or aggression. Consider insecurity like police tape – “do not cross this line”. Insecurity is on behalf of an imagined and non-existent self, mistakenly trying to protect me from the feelings. The feelings might sweep me off my feet, floor me, turn my world upside down… but they won’t damage me. These feelings, at their root, are most likely to be sadness, fear and anger. This is why I don’t stay at the police cordon. This is a deep dive, below anxiety might be frustration, boredom and hurt, below that, I’m getting closer to the root feeling. Once acknowledged, felt and expressed appropriately, feelings flow, frustration is carried away, and insecurity no longer has a role. (Yes, easier said than done.)
  • Spiritually?
    Have I accidentally believed in something, because it came wrapped in a truth (like a Trojan horse)? Have I metaphorically picked up a stepping stone and carried it like a talisman, instead of merely walking across it? Have I added anything to the core of the non-dual teaching – not-two, all Awareness? Have I got stuck as a witness, which quickly becomes a denier? And, to circle right back to the beginning, am I living as who I know myself to be in the universe, in the context of knowing the whole universe is a perspective of Awareness?

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, put simply, it’s time for a spring clean.

TL;DR: The times, they are a changing. Are you with them, or agin?

With Love,

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