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This article follows my discussion last week on our sense of self (​Who Are You).

If you’ve ever noticed thought coming and going, popping up and disappearing – then you’ve noticed there is something that persists, even as thought rises and drops. You’ve noticed an awareness that sees the transitory nature of thought. You’ve noticed who you are is not thought. You’ve noticed you are the space in which thought happens. And that’s pretty cool. 

As you explore, you realise that this space of awareness is not personal. Is not a property of the body or mind. Is not limited by the thought within it. Does not judge or control thought. That thought leaves no mark on it. 

Further, the gaps between thoughts show this infinite space of awareness as inherently everything thought is reaching to acquire. Happiness, peace, freedom, abundance, love. Beyond the temporary obscuration of thought, awareness shines brightly. Illuminating itself. 

It becomes clear that thought brings with it the perceptions and sensations of the world, the body and the mind. And without thought, the world, body and mind fade away. Leaving the space of pure awareness. Aware only of itself. Aware of its essential nature, as more perfect than the mind could ever comprehend. 

And now you’ve noticed it, this awareness becomes the background to all experience. Making itself apparent. A still, small voice of happiness, peace, freedom, abundance and love, infiltrating the noise of the foreground of life. 

And so much more. 

With Love, 

Galaxy in black sky

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