The Seen, The Seeing and The Seer

“I know I’ve got a body, because I can see my fingers moving.”

“You can’t tell me that pillar doesn’t exist, I can see it, it looks solid.”

You may have been taught that 100% of experience is coming from your thinking. Or you may have been told there are no things, no body. So why do the fingers and the pillar look real?

This is a dilemma that confronts many spiritual explorers. What they have heard from teachers coming up hard against their own experience.

In fact, both my questioners were right. It’s time to rewind the concepts, and start with experience. Everything I have to write is utterly apparent in explored experience.

What both my questioners experienced was the SEEN (an object, the pillar or the fingers), SEEING (the activity of observing), and a SEER (her or himself). And all three, the seen, the seeing and the seer are real – once we’re clear where that reality lies.

Let’s start with the SEEN. The object, out there in the world, looks real. You might expect this solid object to persist when you close your eyes, to have an independent existence. And yet, this is nothing but a subtle assumption. There isn’t any evidence in experience for anything more than ‘this object looks real’. Stick with that.

How is the object known? In the experience of it, in the SEEING. This seeing isn’t somewhere out in the world, it sits in awareness. This is so self-evident, it can be overlooked, yet it is vital.

It is worth pausing to examine the nature of this awareness, the SEER (a previous post describes this in more detail).

We find this awareness to be unbounded by space and unlimited by time. By implication, nothing can enter or leave. And so, we recognise that the seen object arises in awareness, is made of awareness, never leaves awareness.

My questioners were entirely right. What they see is real. But the reality isn’t out in the apparent world, it is within awareness.

In exploring experience, in simple logic, we find the seen, the seeing and the seer are one reality. Are One.

With Love,

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