The Seamlessness of Experience

The seamlessness of experience is who we are, felt as a pervasive bliss, recognised in the world as beauty, love and freedom. It’s a knowing of experience as neither ‘out there’ nor ‘in here’, but intimately one with awareness. 

In knowing experience as seamless, we first notice that we are not limited to a body and mind (as I discussed two weeks ago). The body and mind are part of experience. Or, to put it another way, the body is just a convenient explanation for sensations and perceptions. We imagine a body, to make sense of what we perceive. Next, we notice that in the dissolving of what we thought we knew, the constant presence of awareness (this is what I discussed last week). Awareness is like a space in which all sense of mind, body and world arise and dissolve. Not a vantage point from which to watch feelings come and go with detachment, nor a retreat from life.

We all know the feeling of all sensation and perception of the body and mind dissolving. Maybe with a spectacular view, a walk in the woods, a sport, music, a great conversation with a friend, simply washing the dishes, a big hug, lifting heavy weights, sprinting flat out, drinking a really good mug of coffee, stretching a tight muscle. In that feeling, the experience comes so close, it blurs into our being. 

And that blurring of distinction is felt as bliss. Awareness, like a light, shining. Illuminating all experience. Showing all experience to be itself. And in itself perfect, complete, unlimited, one. Which is felt as bliss – peace, love, happiness. Seen in the exploration of awareness, stripping away first the object of experience, then the subject. Leaving nothing but awareness. Awareness not held within a mind and body, but the mind and body appearing within awareness, of awareness, to be seen as awareness. And that bliss, that bliss becomes more clearly our essential nature. More perfect than anything that was ever sought. Not earned or paid for. A simple, pervasive bliss. 

Frequently we see ourselves again as a mind and body. Then we’ll live in a world of seeking to return to our own being. If there’s a choice, this is it: To look to the apparent trigger for bliss, and try to replicate it. Or look to what is there when the sense of the body and mind dissolve. The greatest freedom, to live as the experience of bliss.

With Love, 

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