the myth of the self

Self-esteem, self-doubt, self-confidence, self-disgust, self-development, self-inflicted, self-esteem, self-sacrificing, self-motivated . . .

All focused on the idea of a self, who can be hurt or helped. A self that doesn’t exist.

There will come a day when the continuous reinforcement of the idea of the self will seem at best irrelevant, probably unhelpful, possibly unintentionally cruel.

And, you know what? Without that self-obsession, freedom already IS.

Make no mistake. This is not a denial of life, but a removing of the filter that kept life at arms length.

If you have a choice, step out of the rat race to be more fully in the moment . Realise there is only NOW. And go live it.

With Love,

horse and rider reflected in water - caption: "what if all this effort was on behalf of a self who never existed"

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