The Maverick Sage: Readings & Mentoring

When is a Reading not a Reading?

Card readings are not fortune telling. They are a system-based intuitive process that guides and deepens conversation. 

In a non-dual context they bring us into closer alignment with our higher self, the “I am” that knows pure undiluted nothingness, and knows the same as though a universe. 

In a normal, every day sense, they open our eyes to what is right in front of us to be seen. They remind us that “human” is only one expression of who we are. And that wisdom and guidance can come in many forms.

Readings are available, contact me for more details.


With Love, Sara

Become a Reader

Whether for your own enjoyment, or professionally, it’s great to hang out with other readers, join an association and get some proper training. 

Details coming here soon…