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Even the wisest among us need friends, companions, supporters and helpers who encourage them to be the best version of themselves. There are those with their hands stretched out in offering. You can turn to them, welcoming the fact that together you will bring to the light every last bit of conditioning towards separation – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. And in the light, that conditioning, that trauma, stands no chance. 

I’ve learned to take support, to recognise where someone has a role in effecting a change, of lifting a weight from me. Why? Because conditioning can linger, and may do damage. A true healer will change the course of a lifetime, whatever their modality. But, I’m very picky with who makes the cut. So, I’d like to introduce to you some of those healers I respect.

Messages from Home

The Nondual Human£60.00Human Design is a fantastic way of learning more about how you work in the world. From a nondual per...

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Card Readings£7.00£75.00Simple readings, with the option of adding a 45 minute consultation.
Water Blessing Stickers (set of 4)£2.00A set of 4 stickers with auspicious symbols.

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Sunflower Lenormand£18.00A hand drawn deck of Lenormand playing cards, with a few surprises. The original idea for this deck...

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The Wisdom of Clouds£8.00A mini book of photos, quotes and poems.

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Quintessence£9.00quintessence: the poetry of true nature

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The Little Book of Lochend Reflections£8.00A mini book of photos and quotes.

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