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Telling Tales
An opportunity to lose the idea of yourself for a moment in poetry, message and story.
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Introductions to a wonderful group of healers, specialists and guides from all walks of life.


The Maverick Sage was born from my own growing interest in how we express and understand ourselves in the world. For me, this work belongs within the context of my teaching and my own nondual understanding, but it is not part of the teaching. 

Discernment is a wider term than divination and represents my own approach to any kind of reading – we’re bringing to light that which has been hidden. 

This work opens us up to the wider dimensions of life, and helps us navigate more gracefully. It is equally appropriate pre and post awakening.

In practice,  my discernment work rests in intuitive conversation, and will be tailored to whatever is of the most value to you in the moment.


I am keen to enable you to develop or enhance your own skills, and so I designed a  Lenormand oracle deck of cards. The imagery is direct, and simple without being simplistic. This means an advanced reader can pick up the cards and start reading immediately, while a novice or young reader will find the meaning of the card clearly represented.  And now you can purchase Lenormand print clothing, art and more from my Redbubble shop, too.

Human design is a specialist and complex fusion of astrology, i-ching, the kabbala and the evolutionary nine chakras. My readings help pick out the key themes, and introduce you to the most useful pieces of information in an integrated way – something missing from the free online reports. 

Intuitive conversation uses cards of multiple systems, pendulums and guides to discuss the topics closest to your heart, and support you in your continued evolution. 

Readings are not fortune telling. They are part of a system-based intuitive process that can direct our focus to where it best serves us. In a non-dual context readings bring us into closer alignment with our higher self, the “I am” that knows pure undiluted nothingness, and knows the same as though a universe. In a normal, every day sense, they open our eyes to what is right in front of us to be seen. They remind us that “human” is only one expression of who we are. And that wisdom and guidance can come in many forms.

Telling Tales

My writing collections touch themes of the collective in different ways – story, poetry, articles, books, and more direct messages. Each piece is written first and foremost as an expression of whatever is there to be said, the form develops naturally from the content. And each piece is shared with acknowledgement that these words are for all of us. 


Wellbeing is a passion of mine. First in the innate wellbeing of a transcendent and immanent nature of the essence of being. And second in the human expression – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Qualified in both these elements in several fields, I also refer to a trusted group of other experts.

Redbubble Shop

Redbubble is the site for digital artists. Worldwide shipping with local taxes, so no customs issues. Printed to order on notebooks, stickers, scarves, t-shirts, wall art, travel mugs and so much more. 

The GT layout is true-to-size for my Sunflower Lenormand cards on the scarf, full-print tote bag, and other large items. 

The Game of Home layout is a simple 6×6 grid, for games, casting or for a reminder of the flow. 

I’m slowly loading all the individual cards – if there’s one you want that isn’t there, or you want to customise a card, let me know.or

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Telling Tales

Messages From Home

Home is the truth of who we are. And messages from home are the deeper whispers of our soul. 
Read whatever you are drawn to, it will be what you most need to hear right now.


GIVING VOICE: Bringing the hidden to light.

TAKING VOICE: Making explicit what goes unsaid, beneath words spoken too often.

FINDING VOICE: Speaking up, moving towards to light.

Factual or fantastical, personal or universal, secret or open. Any resemblance to any living person exists only in your mind.


See the thing is, that guy over there is an arsehole, because he said nasty things about me. Whereas I’m the good guy, because I’m bringing the harassment to light. Obviously, you see how different it is. I’d never put anyone down to make myself feel better, and it’s vital that I call out anyone who doesn’t live up to my high standards. Look at me, in comparison to him. He’s focussed on criticising people he disagrees with, which is frankly petty. I’m shining a light on this corruption, so that you’ll never get us confused. You’re still not clear? See, he talks about love as though it’s his personal gift to the world. Surely you can see how pure and loving I am? I’d never do what he does. I epitomise open, loving kindness. And if you had any sense at all, you’d buy my book, my course, my opinion. Look, let me explain it again, it looks a little like you fell asleep.

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My weekly nondual blog, with nothing off the table.



Published poetry and photo-illustrated mini bites of inspiration.


Telling Tales

Explorations in the form of stories, poems and messages.


Video & Audio

Meditations, teachings, and spoken word poetry.

writing gallery

Writing Gallery

An easy glimpse into a collection of some of my writings.

A restorative space to heal and grow (in body, mind or spirit), without prejudice.

Even the wisest among us need friends, companions, supporters and helpers who encourage them to be the best version of themselves. There are those with their hands stretched out in offering. You can turn to them, welcoming the fact that together you will bring to the light every last bit of conditioning towards separation – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. And in the light, that conditioning, that trauma, stands no chance. 

I’ve learned to take support, to recognise where someone has a role in effecting a change, of lifting a weight from me. Why? Because conditioning can linger, and may do damage. A true healer will change the course of a lifetime, whatever their modality. But, I’m very picky with who makes the cut. So, I’d like to introduce to you some of those healers I respect.