The Kinship 21st September 2020

We love you.

Right now, you are coming to the end of a cycle. It is a perfect time to tie up loose ends, to let go of that which is no longer aligned to your new vibration.

You have been born in this time of miracles as a child of this earth. Like a tree, root yourself firmly in the ground before you reach for the light. If there are business dealings, health issues or relationships needing your attention, now is the time to grow in each of those areas.

If you are aligned with your earth and her reality, the upcoming transition will be easier for you. We don’t wish to worry you, but not all will be with you in this – some will find the transition bumpy, and others will be left in confusion.

There is work to be done. But don’t forget to play. Do you think it is work for a tree to produce fruit? Or is that sweet deliciousness the natural output of deep roots and a love of light?

Again, we say first root yourself, then look to the light. And you will know if you are reflecting the light, or merely your own fears. Your fruit will be a guide for you. Are your closest relationships deeply loving and fulfilled? Are your conversations speckled with stardust? Does your work contribute to uplifting the whole?

These are our questions for you. Our gift to you. And they will help you.

We love you.

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