The Kinship 10th September 2020

We love you.

We have a question for you: When did you give your power away?

Did you forget the most powerful agent for change is joy? The infectiousness of a child’s giggle. A squeal of excitement. A scream of exhilaration. Your joy is the most precious of gifts. Use it. Exercise it. Let it grow strong. Let it be seen in it’s power.

Embrace your joy. Yes, even now, especially now. In times of chaos and turbulence it is joy that shines the way.

What do you think is happening here? That old story of the caterpillar becoming a butterfly – that’s not describing an individual, that’s the whole earth. Your planet is in the process of the most miraculous transformation. Are you really still trying to go back to the caterpillar that no longer exists?

Have a little more patience. You know it is darkest in the hour before dawn. You can flow with this change of you can fight it. It will happen regardless. We know it’s not easy; we feel for you. But we know clearly what is coming. We bring a message of hope, that you keep the faith.

Keep going. Don’t stop now. You may not yet see how it is going to be. That is why you fight to return to what is gone. So, we say to you: Pause. Breathe. Find your centre. Find your joy. Shine the light of that joy everywhere, even into the deepest shadows. We know you can do this.

And find those that reflect the same light back to you. It is the same light. Let it warm you, move you, inspire you.

Joy is power, and it is time to step into your power.

We love you.