The deepest longing of the heart is for home—for peace, freedom and joy. Through exhaustion, boredom or accident—sheer grace—we see that the world will not, cannot, deliver. We naturally turn inward.

And turning inward brings us to this conversation. Continuing to become knowingly present as the awareness we can’t not be, we share the exploration. No one is waking anyone up. No one is becoming enlightened. No one is connecting to another. No one is ‘getting’ anything.

We come as we are. Open and willing to step (metaphorically) beyond the appearance of separation in which we live. Knowing that the mind cannot go there but asking the questions that allow the mind to rest into its Source. Seeking relief for the self, we instead come to recognise that the idea of the self cannot persist. Like a vampire brought to the sunlight.

We stay with the feeling. Which is entirely different to sitting with it. To stay with the feeling, we don’t deflect, distract, run away, mask or justify. We allow the feeling closer. Past the walls of conditioning. Past the protective narrative that springs up. Past the attempts to feel differently. We allow the feeling so close we can taste it, smell it, touch it. And ask, without agenda, “Can I live with this feeling forever?”

This exploration does not, cannot, obliterate the mind and body. It opens them, washes them clean, allows the blaze of pure Awareness to shine into every experience. (How could it not, when every experience is made of that Awareness?) The mind and body travel lighter, without the weight of ego.

Poetically put, every conversation is simply Awareness walking itself home.

With Love,

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