At the heart of every religion lies an honest recognition that the only ‘salvation’ is the dissolution of the apparent boundaries between the people and God (in whatever way God is understood), until there is no barrier, no division, and the people know they are God. And in this knowing, knowing too is returned to the God it never left.

One example: the story of the ripping of the temple curtain when Jesus was crucified. No more barriers between the people and God.

Then what happens? A new priesthood rises up. Saints are created and worshipped. Rituals are defined. Obedience is demanded. A carefully curated Book is produced.

A new theocracy. Moving further from God.

What’s the alternative . . .
. . . when you see a man being declared special, different and the vehicle for a message?
. . . when you see a hierarchy forming and a priesthood explaining what you have to do in order to get back to God (to happiness, peace, freedom and love)?
. . . when you see a new curtain being hung, and you are told not to think too much, to take a break, to “sit with it”?

You’ve seen it. You’ve seen the attempt to steal the beautiful, simple, delicious truth of your being, and to sell it back to you, wrapped in shiny paper.

You’ve seen it. You were never separated from your own being—our shared being, God’s infinite Being. You were just convinced there was work to be done to get there.

You’ve seen it. There is no intermediary. Not even what you call your own body mind or soul. There may be teachers along the way, but they stand alongside, explore with you, never put themselves between you and the truth of your Being.

You’ve seen it.

With Love,

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