See the thing is, that guy over there is an arsehole, because he said nasty things about me. Whereas I’m the good guy, because I’m bringing the harassment to light. Obviously, you see how different it is. I’d never put anyone down to make myself feel better, and it’s vital that I call out anyone who doesn’t live up to my high standards. Look at me, in comparison to him. He’s focussed on criticising people he disagrees with, which is frankly petty. I’m shining a light on this corruption, so that you’ll never get us confused. You’re still not clear? See, he talks about love as though it’s his personal gift to the world. Surely you can see how pure and loving I am? I’d never do what he does. I epitomise open, loving kindness. And if you had any sense at all, you’d buy my book, my course, my opinion. Look, let me explain it again, it looks a little like you fell asleep.

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