Stay With Me

This understanding I share, it’s not usually a one sentence conversation. Of course, it could be. But not usually. Stay with me.

There’s a lifetime of conditioning, that says what we see is not what it is.

For example:

We’ve been taught that the world is most solid, and has been around for the longest time. Then a body is born, a mind develops. And, within this mind, consciousness (awareness) comes and goes.

Without a shred of evidence.

Go back to experience. Experience is a thought: a perception (like ‘I see a tree’), a sensation (‘my toes are tingling’), a feeling (an emotion), a memory, a concept, a belief. Experience is all of this.

At the core of experience, the experiencer. The one who knows experience.

Sounds so obvious, it’s overlooked. But tell me have you ever had an experience without being aware of it, without knowing it? In other words, has there been an experience, without the experiencer? (If yes, please come tell me about it.)

This recognition turns the old model on its head. Now, we have awareness, the knower of experience, as the constant. Knowing a variety of experiences. More, knowing all experience as itself.

But the cultural conditioning is strong. And the pull to the old model will linger in the body and mind, as resistance. As an identity in the body and mind. This identity is a false limitation of our true nature of awareness. It holds us apart from the peace, love and freedom of unlimited awareness.

Which is why this is a continuing conversation. A conversation beyond words. An iterative reminder. And an ongoing exploration inwards.

Stay with me.

With Love,

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