shouting love at the world

Standing, on the edge of forever,
At the start of whatever,
Shouting love at the world.
—from “The Flood,” by Take That

As we begin to explore who we are, it can seem we need to choose a particular teacher or school. Our essence, however, is reflected back at us in all experience and is found laid bare in the most surprising of places. The song lyrics above provide an excellent illustration.

Standing: Teachers, learning and friends have brought you this far. But here, you are essentially alone.

The edge: This is the limit of the mind.

Forever: Not a vast, empty space, but utterly without beginning or end. Timeless.

The start: Your sense of identity can either be a personal one, limited to a mind and body, or impersonal awareness. It can’t be both. Either who you are not, or who you are. Though, less purely, there are steps on the journey home, as belief gets cleaned away bit by bit.

Whatever: Unknown to the mind but central to all experience. What is a mystery to the mind becomes the ordinary as that sense of identity shifts.

Shouting love: Love is not necessarily quiet and compliant. But love comes only from love. Stands for love, as love. Never against.

The world: Known for what it is, the world will come to you, merge into you, as you stand as awareness.

As we allow the mind to explore to its own edge, we come to see that we are not limited to the appearance of the mind and body. The mind dissolves, and awareness knows itself without limitation. Then, we stand as love in the apparent world and fully live what shows up—increasingly knowing it for what it is.

The everyday simplicity of this teaching, shining in the words of a pop song. And, in all experience. There is no experience that does not have at its very heart that which knows the experience. Nothing stands apart from awareness. So, maybe, like me, you are inclined to never stop exploring, and to continue shouting love at the world?

With Love,

Figure on cliff top in mist

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