And if who we are is what is sought, the search stops here.​

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Connected Conversation

Listening, reading, channeling, coaching, nondual teaching – all grouped under the banner of spiritual mentoring. Whatever combination you chose. Five meetings to use over six months – online or in-person.  Talk about what you want to talk about. I use a variety of approaches, all focused on your needs in the moment. Or use them together for a whole day, just message me to arrange a date.

Intuitive Human Design is offered separately (from time to time), and is not included in spiritual mentoring. 

Ad-hoc mentoring calls are reserved for community members, because continuity is important. And if you aren’t sure what is best, book a free exploratory call.


6 x 1 hour, to be used within 6 months.

Sixcalls, paid in advance, and to be used within six months.

(Ad-hoc calls available for members, please book via the community.)

intuitive human design

I look at your chart as a whole to see the patterns and contradictions, and how the chart relates to your life. 

90 minutes

This is a fixed price, because it takes a lot of preparation time. 

(Discounts available for members, please book via the community.)

Groups & Courses

From the accessibly-priced “Peter’s Friends” spiritual community, through the flagship “Getting Unstuck” hybrid programme, to the fully self-paced “Living Nonduality”, there’s probably something for you. And with Thoughtful Raven, there are a whole suite of differently-priced courses for The Complete Book of Awakening, too. 

Other offerings are reserved for my community members, because continuity is important. And if you aren’t sure what is best, book a free exploratory call.


Peter's Friends

Community for access to individual conversations, readings, channelings, recorded meditations, private courses and live meet-ups.

It’s a documented fact that psychic activity increases with deeper awakening. Many of us learnt to shut down talking about our experiences of spirit, and in doing so we shut down to part of ourselves. Opening back up to the full expression of ourselves in a safe and brave space is an opportunity to reconnect to all of who we are.

Some of what's included...

There is already a collection of card reading spreads to access and play with. And there is a growing library of meditations to support evolution. There will be weekly live “open house” calls that vary in content depending on what comes up.

Open House

Grounded conversation about anything and everything. Laughter and tears are both welcome. There might be readings or channelled messages, if appropriate. Calls alternate to suit different timezones.


Because empowerment, awakening and unveiling are ongoing processes. I offer reduced pricing and the option of ad-hoc booking to members.

Read Club

I use cards as prompts to reinforce intuition, provide visual nudges, and to open new possibilities. The cards are simply a way of bringing the unspoken to light. By exploring the hidden factors and direction of the current energy, we find our way through everything that life brings us. There is a growing library of spreads to support your own reading journey.


A slowly growing librbary of tools to support the pyschic experiences that come with deeper nondual awakening, Meditations and guidance – based on what is requested.


Psychic Development Fundamentals

From time to time we all need a reminder of the absolute basics. It’s normal for psychic experiences to develop with a deeper nondual understanding – and it makes sense to understand how to integrate these into our understanding in a healthy way. Live Groups now open to book.

This is not therapy, nor a replacement for mental health care. Consult a licensed professional in you feel you are in crisis.. If you are not sure if it’s a good fit for you, please contact me.

Discount available for community members.

6 weeks

Books, Cards & Other Products

Nondual books, oracle cards, and Lenormand inspired designs of all kinds.



the poetry of true nature


published by Thoughtful Raven

buy direct or via Amazon


with Helen Amery


published by Thoughtful Raven

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Everything Else

Other Payments or Donation

This option is for if we’ve agreed a special payment for a group, course or call. Or just to make a donation towards my work.

Book an Included Call

If you are already signed up for a programme or series of calls, this is where you book your check-in or follow-up calls.

Anything Missing?

If you can’t find what you were looking for or you’ve got other questions, please contact me – or book a free exploratory call.