quintessence: the poetry of true nature£9.00A collection of poems to support an exploration into the essence of being. Published by River Grove.

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The Little Book of Lochend Reflections£8.00Breaking the nondual teaching down into easily digestible bite-sized quotes and images.

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The Wisdom of Clouds (A Little Book)£8.00A miniature book of intriguing quotes and poems, alongside the images that inspired them.

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If you would like to buy multiple items, please email or message me to get a deal on postage.

Redbubble Shop

Redbubble is the site for digital artists. Worldwide shipping with local taxes, so no customs issues. Printed to order on notebooks, stickers, scarves, t-shirts, wall art, travel mugs and so much more. 

The GT layout is true-to-size for my Sunflower Lenormand cards on the scarf, full-print tote bag, and other large items. 

The Game of Home layout is a simple 6×6 grid, for games, casting or for a reminder of the flow. 

I’m slowly loading all the individual cards – if there’s one you want that isn’t there, or you want to customise a card, let me know.