Here's what I offer...

Individual Conversation

A one off zoom call or local meeting to talk about what you want to talk about. This can cover nonduality, resilient wellbeing, spirituality or normal life - anything within my scope. I use a variety of approaches, all focused on your needs. If you aren't sure, ask before you book.

Groups & Courses

From time to time, I'll host a real-time group, either online or in-person. There are also hybrid courses that you can follow at your own pace, with checkpoint conversations included. Moving forward, retreats (group and individual) will be offered here too.


My first book - quintessence - was published by River Grove in 2019. It offers a poetic journey through the nondual teaching. The Complete Book of Awakening was published by Thoughtful Raven in 2022. I also provide a range of merchandise with a spiritual or nondual inspiration, including my hand-drawn Lenormand card deck.

Individual Conversation

Please use the button below to see booking options for a single conversation, a series of conversations, or an intensive. If you can’t find a suitable time, please contact me to see what I can do. You can also open up my booking site as a full page.

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Groups & Courses

Getting Unstuck is a special hybrid programme – six weeks of self study with six weekly coaching calls. It’s here to take you from feeling stuck or confused in a particular situation to having clarity and an actionable plan to take away with you. We can focus on a relationship, business, a pattern of behaviour… whatever you choose. And you can use the material again, over and over, for any new situation that comes up.

  • Getting Unstuck

    This flagship programme gives you the tools to get yourself unstuck from where you are, in relationships, business or life generally....

This is not therapy, nor a replacement for mental health care. Consult a licensed professional in you feel you are in crisis. This programme is hard work, and asks you to look at your values and motivations. If you are not sure if it’s a good fit for you, please contact me.

  • Read Club

    Here's the plan for Read Club For a one-off fee of £24: Every month for a year, you get a brand new spread designed by me,...

Groups, Courses & More

More offerings coming soon.

Meanwhile, have a look at The Complete Book of Awakening Self Study Course over at Thoughtful Raven.

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My first book, quintessence, is a poetic journey through the elements of self discovery. Published by River Grove in 2019. The Complete Book of Awakening was published by Thoughtful Raven in 2022. Two of the "little book" series are also available, offering bite-sized reflections and imagery.


Visit my Etsy shop to buy the Sunflower Lenormand oracle cards in regular and mini sizes. If you don't know the Lenormand system, get in touch to join my small private group for friendly advice and support.


Visit my Redbubble shop for all kinds of things with Lenormand imagery - notebooks, bags, stickers, t-shirts and much, much more. Simply select an image, then browse all of the available products. One special item is a scarf with the central section laid out as a reading cloth for a Grand Tableau.