Separate Realities?

“We all live in separate realities,” said my teacher with a wise nod that they’d practised in front of a mirror.

They said it because their teacher said it, and it sounded kind of profound.

“So how does my reality talk to your reality?” I asked.

Apparently my teacher had an urgent errand to run, so I never got my answer.

Here’s an answer I found for myself.

If my teacher genuinely consider separate realities to be a founding principle of life, anything beyond their first person perspective was pure speculation.

Which means any reality outside of their private reality was an unprovable belief.

Which means they were actually experience one reality, whilst claiming separate realities.

Which is called cognitive dissonance. Or, more simply, uncomfortable.

Psychologically and somatically, we experience reality in our own unique flavours.

But there’s one reality. And we are it.

With Love, Sara

Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash

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