A friend asked in a group, “Is negating the Self actually helpful?” The question suggested nondual teachers negate the Self.

Nothing could be further from the case.

Sure, we might ask someone believing that they are a separate self, one being among many, something like, “Where is this self that experiences other selves?”

Go on, try to answer it for yourself. From experience. Not from a YouTube video, blog, textbook or talk you attended.

Don’t rush this. Satisfy yourself that this separate self never was. That whoever you are, you are not in or of the body or mind.

And once that belief in a separate being is loosened, then turn to the Self of the original question.

Who are You? What is Your true nature?

I suggest not getting distracted by the pantheist argument “everything”, or the nihilist argument “nothing” (though together, both are true).

In answering these questions, I can only point away from what the Self is not. Encourage the inkling that there is something greater at play. Support your exploration, as I explore alongside you. And hold you, resolutely, in Love, to in the reality of experience.

What is it that remains, even as all appearances, beliefs and concepts come and go?

The Self is all that remains. Indeed, the Self is all that is.

Now, live it.

With Love,

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