This week I’ve been offered several opportunities to reclaim my sovereignty for only $27.

Yet these adverts don’t answer the key questions: What does it mean to reclaim your sovereignty? How did you lose it? What even is it?

Assuming you’re not the ostracised ruler of some minor European principality, maybe you’ve not given much consideration to this topic.

What is sovereignty?

“What is sovereign in fact is to enjoy the present time without having anything else in view but this present time”

  • George Bataille, The Accursed Share: Volume III (1949)

Good answer, George.

The direct path to the embodied experience of this enjoyment is to know the nature of the present time. The completeness of the apparent moment. The wholeness of Now.

This is not a call to “be in the moment”. Trying to be in the moment is one of the greatest tail chasing exercises.

How did you lose your sovereignty?

That which is all can never be lost. Yet it feels lost in the endless attempt to make secure that which is insecure by definition. The only way sovereignty can appear lost is for it to have been delegated to people, places, situations and times.

How do you reclaim your sovereignty?

In the recognition of Self. In the knowing that nothing is lost. In the refusal to let agenda compromise love.

The crown is not primarily a glittering decoration. It’s a reminder that the mind has its source in the infinite. It’s an invitation to the mind to come back into alignment with that infinite source. And it’s a promise of the clarity of the aligned mind to act for the highest good.

Ask yourself: To whom, to where, to what and to when have I delegated sovereignty?

Then take back the crown.

With Love,

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