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Please select the layout for your reading here. 

You can choose three, five, nine, 25, and 36 card grand tableau 8×4+4 at the moment.

Below the cards you will see icons to allow you to shuffle and turn the cards, or you can click on a card to turn just one.

You are, of course, welcome to screenshot the reading for your personal records. Please credit The Maverick Sage if the images of readings are shared. Images are not to be copied, altered, reproduced, or used commercially in any way. 

Enjoy playing!

Core Meanings

The beauty of Lenormand is best seen when you work within the system. This means beginning with the core meaning of each card, and building connections and sentences from those meanings. As with any system, there are variations and extensions, but the list below provides a fairly traditional starting point:

1. Rider: News, messages, incoming
2. Clover: Joy, luck, positive outcomes
3. Ship: Commerce, movement
4. House: Success, stable, home
5. Tree: Draining energy, ill health
6. Clouds: Trouble, confusion, doubt
7. Snake: Betrayal, treachery, lies
8. Coffin: Death, illness, loss, ending
9. Bouquet: Happiness, gift, attainment
10. Scythe: Danger, cut, warning
11. Whip: Discord, strife, repetition
12. Birds: Burden, annoyance, upset
13. Child: Ease, new, child, innocent
14. Fox: Wrongness, devious, deceit
15. Bear: Good fortune causing envy
16. Stars: Good luck, success, wishes
17. Stork: Change, alteration, relocation
18. Dog: Loyalty, friend, trustworthy, ally

19. Tower: Longevity, sturdy, enduring
20. Garden: Social, community, public
21. Mountain: Obstacle, challenge
22. Crossroads: Difficult decisions, crisis
23. Mice: Loss, theft, degradation
24. Heart: Wellbeing, goodness, love
25. Ring: Union, commitment, bond
26. Book: Unknown, research, secrets
27. Letter: Phone, communication, email
28. Man: Male querent or partner
29. Woman: Female querent or partner
30. Lilies: Satisfaction, virtue, happiness
31. Sun: Life force, joy, warmth, energy
32. Moon: Honour, recognition, respect
33. Key: Certainty, solution, important
34. Fish: Prosperity, abundance, money
35. Anchor: Fortune, success, grounded
36. Cross: Grief, suffering, pain, despair