Read This First

<p>Nothing I can write (or say) is going to be exactly true, but hopefully points you back to the truth in you. There is no secret.</p><p>No knowledge. No therapy. Definitely no “positive thinking”. I’m only ever going to be directing you back to something you’ve always known, but maybe lost sight of, that’s become obscured by habitual thinking.</p><p>There are no techniques or methods. No mantras, prayers, or homework. Nothing to practise and nowhere to reach. There is no “doing”. Everything I say that suggests that is just a metaphor. Unless, of course, there is something that makes sense to do. In that case, do it. :)</p><p>I’ve got a very simple aim: to support you to realise the truth of human psychology for yourself in whatever way that comes to you.</p><p>Stick with me, this is about as complicated as it gets:</p><p>In the same way that we have the principle of gravity which explains how gravity works, there are also principles behind human experience (more of these later). What we mostly care about with gravity, though, is how it affects our daily life. In other words, we look at the world differently, once we know that (the acceleration due to) gravity is constant and reliable.</p><p>So I’ll talk first about a world view or paradigm, as a natural implication of the principles of human experience. It’s very straightforward, but the implications are profound: <br />1. Life only works one way – we always experience the world via the filter of our thinking (whether conscious, subconscious, or unconscious); <br />2. Humans are evolved to thrive – there is an awesome self-righting mechanism within our thinking, as in every other body system; <br />3. Insightfully realising this for yourself is the key to living with greater ease and grace.</p><p>The first person to explain things in quite this way was Sydney Banks (more about him later). He knew at once that he’d seen an answer to everything. There’s nothing I can find in experience, science or logic which contradicts him, so I’m inclined to agree. His approach has spread over the last 40 years to communities, prisons, schools and universities, with great results.</p><p>His foundational belief is that everyone has access to the same deep logic and wisdom – also known as common sense! I’m not so much a teacher as a compass, pointing you in the right direction.</p><p>Please contact me if you’d like to know more.</p>

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