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Webinar Series – Hanging Out with Awareness


This series of eight recorded webinars are all be on the topic of Hanging Out with Awareness.

If you did not join the live call, you are invited to contact me with questions and comments the first time you watch the recording, just as though you were there.

To become established as Awareness itself, and to start to realise the implications of this in life, we hang out with Awareness. We explore, together. We iron out misunderstandings. We stick resolutely with one point, that of who we are. It is easy to be distracted away from this exploration, into trying to apply true nature to personal needs. So, for these webinars, we stay with it.

Most recordings are an hour long.

The speakers:

Vicky Kelly¬†– Vicky is an established business coach, working in the City of London and closer to home. She’s doing amazing work, bringing this teaching to leaders and their teams.

Shaun Browne – Shaun is in demand as a speaker, often talking to large groups. His open attitude and relaxed style gets the message across, even in the challenging arena of direct sales.

Ali Scott – Ali speaks beautifully about who we are. Recently, she has been working intensively with teens, parents and couples (among others), reflecting the everyday practicality of this teaching.

Lee Adair-Stantiall – Lee is a highly respected clinical psychologist and senior lecturer in forensic psychology. If you’ve ever wondered how true nature relates to psychology, she’s THE person to ask.

Grayson Hart – Grayson is a professional rugby player, and an entrepreneur. He shares this understanding in schools, on podcasts and with private clients.

Garret Kramer – Garret is a nondual teacher, working primarily with sports people, bringing true nature to the foreground in the sporting arena. He also works with a small number of teachers and coaches, resolutely pointing them to source.

Sara Priestley – Me. I’m a nondual teacher, working with individuals and small groups from many different backgrounds. I’m also a poet, and my first book, “quintessence: the poetry of true nature” was recently published by River Grove. (There are two calls with me in the set.)



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