Water Blessing Stickers


A set of 4 individually designed water blessing stickers.

6cm diameter, on a clear background. Stick them on water bottles, containers and coasters.

A yinyang: A balance and an interplay of yin and yang, light and dark.

A celtic triade/triskele: Trinities of all kinds can be represented by these three spirals – mind/body/soul, life/death/rebirth are just two examples. The triade shows the oneness of the three, and the undivided nature of reality.

A heart: All that your heart can desire, unconditional love.

Selene/Luna: The goddess of the moon, and thus influential over the flow of water. Normally pictured with her hands forming a circle, I’ve drawn her open, as a symbol of the channel of the divine feminine. She also has the spiral of a traditional water blessing symbol on her torso, with crescent moons each side. This reflects the phases of the moon, and hints at the tarot High Priestess too.

If you want more than one set, please message me so that you only pay one lot of postage.

Postage worldwide, does not include local import fees or taxes.

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Four clear, round stickers: Celtic Triade, Heart, Selene, Yin-Yang. All carry a spiral theme.

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Dimensions 6 cm


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