The Nondual Human (Reading)


The nondual teaching confirms we are pure Awareness, yet we experience Self as though a person in the world. With elements of Human Design, you grow to understand your unique expression of Self-in-the-world. The more you understand the human design, the more you naturally live in alignment with your design, the more you transcend that design, an ever-clearer expression of pure Spirit.

We’ll look at your chart together on a zoom call, and build from the basics to a fuller picture of how you can live in alignment with your design. You will need to provide date, time and place of birth, when you get in touch to book your conversation.  If you don’t know the time, we can work it out during our call.


Learn more about your Human Design in a 90 minute call. In learning to love what-is, we transcend it.

Human Design is a fantastic way of seeing deeper into how you work in the world. From a nondual perspective, it becomes easier to fall in love with our unique designs, and see them for what they are.


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