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Here’s the plan for Read Club

For a one-off fee of £24:

Every month for a year, you get a brand new spread designed by me, for you to read for yourself.

You’ll get a pretty pdf one-pager direct to your email box.

And access to an independent community where I’ll share a bit more, and let you see my read for me – then you can share your own read and ask questions of the community. And in the community you’ll see the archives of previous spreads too, as we go.

You don’t even need to own a deck of cards, I’ll show you how you can do it all online. Or I can help you find the decks you do want to buy.

Upgrade One (£36): A second spread, emailed to you in the middle of the month, just for those who’ve opted in.

Upgrade Two (£480): A thirty minute call each month for the year. We can talk about either of your reads for the month, or look a bit deeper with a quick reading. These calls are at a whopping 33% discount off my full call price. And you get everything else included at no extra cost.

Fast check out with PayPal from this page, or “add to basket” and follow the checkout process for other options.

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