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A card reading is simply a way of side-stepping the mind to see the current situation more clearly, or to describe the past or future. There is sometimes a call to action, at other times it’s simply information. Please do not ask for a reading as a substitute for therapeutic intervention. I can only suggest you what is most likely now, and there is no obligation to follow any advice offered.
These readings will follow a system, deck and spread that changes by the season.

A basic reading is £15. This will include 3-5 cards, and a very brief explanation by email or messenger. One question may be asked, if the reading is not clear. By nature, these are overviews, not details.

A full reading will include a 6-11 card spread, which I will talk you through on a 45 minute zoom or messenger call. During the call we may pull additional cards, or move beyond the original topic.

An advanced reading looks at your journey through the next 6 months, using a mixed system of cards and runes. A 90 minute zoom call is included in the price.


These range from a simple reading to a 90 minute consultation to help you gain clarity.

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