2020 Hindsight Group


This six month programme is based on 12 group calls:

All calls are on TUESDAYS at 11am or THURSDAYS at 8:30pm UK time (British Summer Time until 25th October, GMT thereafter)

July 7th, 14th & 28th
August 11th & 25th
September 8th & 22nd
October 6th & 20nd
November 10th & 24th
December 8th

July 9th, 16th & 30th
August 13th & 27th
September 10th & 24th
October 8th & 22nd
November 12th & 26th
December 10th

There is also the option of adding one-to-one work at a reduced fee, once you have joined the group.

There will be access to recordings for attendees. Please don’t sign up with the intention of only watching the recordings, unless we have already discussed how you will interact during this programme. This is a live teaching, it just happens to be delivered online.

There isn’t a Facebook group, though you are welcome to join the free Quintessence group, if you haven’t already. You won’t get many emails. I’m not telling you anything that isn’t the essence of who you are. My role is simply to make that knowing apparent. There is enough demand on you to hold still with this teaching, without loading extra demands on you.

As normal, conversation will be guided by the group, but initial topics are:

1. How did we end up here?
2. Already home
3. The idea of the separate self
4. Living for the separate self
5. Coming to presence
6. The nature of awareness
7. Showing up as awareness
8. Sharing the understanding
9. Embodied nonduality
10. Conditioning and personality
11. Abiding as Awareness
12. Being ordinary

If you are interested but not sure, you are welcome to contact me to discuss.

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12 calls over six months.


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