On Understanding

An understanding of our true nature as pure knowing is just that. An understanding. 

Pure knowing. Nothing to be done with it. No meaning to be given to it. 

Pure knowing. No personal benefit. Nothing personal. No personal. 

Pure knowing. Showing up in experience. Informing experience. Is experience. 

Pure knowing. Even when it looks like it isn’t. And the stuff that feels so solid, real and problematic is ‘made’ of exactly that same pure knowing. Experienced as real only by an apparent limitation of that same knowing. Created by thought. Apparent limitation. Experienced as real. Until it isn’t. 

Pure knowing. So simple. No description enough. 

And yet. And yet. Words are used. To describe something beyond words. To point the mind to its Source. To illuminate an understanding so simple, it seems elusive, or smug or just plain pointless. Because. Because understanding changes everything. Infuses experience with peace and love. Teaches the mind that when it rests from thought, it goes home. And life lives out in experience. More so. More passionate. More engaged. It becomes natural to align with that peace and love. To fully live it. 

Pure knowing. Words are not enough. 

With Love,

Night sky with stars

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