New Year, Same Old Nonsense

The New Year has begun (at least on one calendar). And maybe you are hoping it brings a new you: Fitter? Richer? Better looking? Healthier?

The media support this search. With exercise programmes, investments, marketing offers, beauty products, dietary advice and supplements.

Nothing wrong with any of that, of course. Some might be great ideas. So why “same old nonsense”?

In the end, the desire for health and wealth are a quest for happiness. But the story is that there are things that must be right, that happiness depends on relationships, family, money, health, jobs, travel, homes . . .

This will send you outwards, looking to people and circumstances. Looking for the willpower and confidence to change life. Looking for enough to be happy.

If achieving or acquiring any of these were genuinely the answer, slim, fit, rich people would be the happiest. Yet one glance at the tabloid press shows us otherwise.

What if we have it backwards? What if happiness is not found in that search outwards? What if, in holding still, in calling off the search, happiness becomes apparent? Not as an acquisition, but in the recognition of who we are when the seeking stops. What if happiness is only ever veiled by the seeking?

Now, the acquisition of happiness no longer drives us. And we find our activities naturally shifting to be expressions of happiness. Turning away from insecure pursuits, where happiness depends on an outcome. Eating, moving, working – without a goal, simply as an expression of who you are, who we are.

No need for the New Year to deliver a new you. No need for the same old nonsense.

With Love,

2019 in sparkler lights

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